PAX-BPP Series

The PAX series PAX-BPP scale is an accurate, fast and versatile series of weighing scales, loaded with time saving features and ease of customer use. The Scale with built-in 2” Thermal Printer for billing purpose. The scale has three 0.56” LED displays to show weight, unit price and total price – all at the same time There are 2 models in this series, with capacities of 15kg and 30 kg and with least count from 2g & 5g. Both have stainless steel weighing platforms on an ABS pan assembly with anti slip lining. The loadcell is mounted on a dual aluminum die casted mounting providing precise overload protection of up to 200% FS load capacity. The soft touch 28 key keypad buttons are ideally sized, color coded, and bear symbolic tags for easy recalling scale functions. The displays are large easy to read and easy to view in different lighting conditions. The scale is loaded with features like, 250  memory with 9 direct memory access buttons, tare, zero, item naming, direct printing of receipts and much more. The scales feature auto zero tracking to automatically compensate for small fluctuations in zero such as a build up of material on the platform. To extend battery life an auto-off feature is standard the operator can set the auto off timing to between 1 minute and 30 minutes of inactivity to suit the application. Alternatively the auto off function can be switched off, leaving the scale permanently on until switched off by the operator.

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Features :

  • Up to 1/15,000 display resolution
  • 299 PLU’s, Add / Edit through front keyboard
  • Support for weighed and non weighed, price/unit, price/pc
  • Direct receipt printing option with Shop details, product, unit price, Qty, total amount, change, date time etc.
  • 3 displays : Weight, Unit Price & Total Price
  • Complete PLU management, Support void Transaction
  • Training Mode for user training
  • Read / Dump Prices from USB / Excel file (Optional)
  • Reports : PLU Listing
  • Real Time Clock backed up by separate battery
  • Item Names with Packing Information
  • Save Price / Pack Mode



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Order Code Capacity (kg) Division (g) Display Platter(mm) Accessories
PAX-BPP-15K2 15kg 2gm 0.56" Large LED Display Red 330 x 240mm USB Disk Interface USB PC Interface
PAX-BPP-30K5 30kg 5gm
PAX-BPP-31K5 31kg 5gm


Capacity / Increment Functions
• 15kg x 5g / 15kg x 2g • PLU Management
• 30kg x 10g / 30kg x 5g • Void transaction
• 31kg x 5 • Discount on ticket
  • Suspend
Memory • Read / Dump Prices from USB / Excel File (optional)
• Upto 299 PLU Memory (299 Std) • Save Price / Pack Mode
• LED Bright Red Display • PLU Edit List
• 6-digit weight
• 6-digit unit price
• 6-digit total price Other
• 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz • Printer Feed
• 6V/4.5 Ah rechargeable battery • Date/Time
Working Environment • 6V/4.5 Ah rechargeable battery
• Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
• Humidity: 85% RH, non-condensing
• Platter : 330 mm x 240 mm
• Net Weight: 6.6 kg (without battery)

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