GEM Series

GEM Series

The GEM series weighing scale is an accurate, fast and versatile series of precision scales, loaded with time saving features and ease of customer use. The scale is equipped with a 0.56” LED display to show weight for the user, GEM is our economic series scale. With option of Wind shield, remote display or rear display for the customer. There are different models in this series, with capacities ranging from 300g up to 600g and with least count from 10mg. They all have stainless steel weighing platforms on an special grade ABS pan assembly. The loadcell is mounted on a special mounting providing precise centering of load and overload protection of up to 150% FS load capacity. The soft touch keypad buttons are ideally sized, color coded, and bear symbolic tags for easy recalling scale functions. The displays are large easy to read LED type displays for easy view in different lighting conditions. The scale is loaded with features like, automatic zero tracking, overload alarm, low battery protection, “SMART” weighing mode to filter stable results, full capacity tare. The scales feature auto zero tracking to automatically compensate for small fluctuations in zero such as a build up of material on the platform.

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Features :

  • Low cost precision balance. You will not get a better balance at its price
  • Multiple weighing units & precise counting function.
  • Units can be enabled or disabled as per country regulations.
  • Full Tare Range, auto calibration, Auto Zero mode
  • Overload alarm indication above 9e
  • Square pan for larger capacities for easy weighing
  • Low battery indication, Glow Control, Anti Vibration mode
  • Customer side display on the rear of the scale
  • Mains / rechargeable 6VAH battery operated. 40hrs backup






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Order Code Capacity Division Display Platter(mm) Accessories
JAX-GM-300G10 300g 10mg 0.56" Large LED Display Red, VFD Green 120mm Ø Remote Display Square Pan
JAX-GM-600G10 600g 10mg
JAX-GM-600G0.1 600g 0.1g
JAX-GM-1000G10 1000g 0.1g 150x130mm
JAX-GM-2K0.1 2000g 0.1g

  Power Source : AC 110V/220V/240V(±10%)+ DC 6V/4AH Rechargeable Battery Dimension : 190 x 258 x 71mm / Box Size : 295 x 230x 155mm / Gross Wt. : 2.4kg

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